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Terraria! Update time!


Staff member
Hello and welcome to our update thread!
As many of you know, Terraria has had a slew of updates recently!
We'll be updating Bippity's Server to the latest TShock for the new Terraria on the public server.

What does this mean?
This means that players will not be able to build during this whole update and upgrade process, but everyone is welcome to come chat and watch as your beloved server makes its way to a new level of fun for your pickaxes to tear at!

How long will this take?
We hope not to take longer than a week. We'll be doing a full reset, changing a couple of back-end things, and taking care to fully test a couple of new plugins we have developed just for you!

With sincerity from the staff here, thanks for being patient and a part of this awesome community.
We hope to see you around and online!
Feel free to ask us questions anywhere.


The Wandering Prophet
Former Staff
Thanks for everyone's efforts to make this happen. Can't wait to see how the server looks after the update.


Well-Known Member
Server Admin
Been waiting for this for quite some time, of course its just my humble opinion but i really appreciate all the work you've done to Tshock, please keep up and get room for more improvements.


I haven't joined in a while but I think it'll be worth a visit again! Can't wait for the reset and keep it up cause i love your server bip ! =D

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