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  1. aMoka

    Terraria! Update time!

    Hello and welcome to our update thread! As many of you know, Terraria has had a slew of updates recently! We'll be updating Bippity's Server to the latest TShock for the new Terraria on the public server. What does this mean? This means that players will not be able to build during this whole...
  2. Bippity

    Terraria 1.3.1 is coming! What's Going to Happen?!

    Read this if you need help validating your account If you haven't already heard, Terraria is celebrating its 5th birthday (which is tomorrow) by updating to 1.3.1 :eek: You can read more about it at Terraria's Official Forums. As for our servers, because it's an update to Terraria, TShock will...