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Hey everyone, I'm super excited to announce a new add-on for the forums: The Credit/Shop System!

With this addition, users can earn credits by being generally interactive within the community and participating in events. Users can then spend their earned credits on prizes such as Games Codes, Forum Upgrades, and Server Upgrades. (You can even withdraw your credits into actual money :eek: )

How Do I Access the Credit/Shop?
If you're currently logged in, you might've noticed the "Wallet" tab in the top right corner. That is where the entire system takes place.

How Do I Earn Credits?
You will be notified whenever you earn credits. You can earn credits in different ways:
Hey guys, we're about ready to open up our Build server to the public again! We've created 2 arenas for some minigames that players can participate in. Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, and Capture the Flag will take place in a PacMan arena that we recycled from our old worlds. @alect has been working hard on creating a fun boss arena for the Nightly Boss Battle minigame, which is what I'll be focusing on in this announcement.

How it Works
Every night in the server, the boss battles will be held at the boss arena (/warp arena). The battle consists of waves of different bosses and mobs. The plugin chooses from a list of predefined waves and spawns in the bosses/mobs.
The arena will provide ammo and potions for everyone to use but, players will need to obtain their own weapons/armor themselves, either from the Chestroom (/warp items) or through other ways.

Help Us Out!
As mentioned earlier, the waves of enemies are self-defined, meaning that we need to make up the list ourselves. Because of this, we're open to suggestions on what you want to see in the boss battles. Want a slime invasion of 50 King Slimes and all the slime colors and also toss in a Skeletron for the fun of it? Done. Or maybe you want to fight 10 Moon Lords and a bunch of wyverns at once because you have a death wish? ...sure why not.
The possibilities are endless but I want to know what you guys would like to see in the battles. :D...
Hey everyone, I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that throughout this entire year, the staff and I have been quietly working on a new way of hosting the servers in the future. The plan is to have 4 servers: A Lobby/Tutorial server, a Build server, a Survival server, and a Housing server.
Players would be able to travel between each server through "warping", making it a seamless transition for the player; the only address you'll need to know is "play.bippityserver.com".
This also allows us to utilize multiple servers and portray it as one server, pretty much a "Multiworld" server.
The lobby/tutorial server is where every player will connect initially. New players can learn the basics with our previous tutorial world and then connect to either the Build server or Survival server.
We decided to remove "build tunnels" from the survival world and transform it into a Housing server. This allows the majority of the Survival server to be destroyable, allowing the entire world to regenerate instead of just a mineshaft/farm.
The Build server is exactly what it sounds like. It will not be SSC enabled, you can build whatever you'd like using our unlimited items from the Chestroom, participate in PvP/Boss battles, and just have fun in general without the survival aspect.
We hope to get these things out...
In the Discord server, I'm sure you guys have noticed how there's a #tv-room channel where many of us have been posting random videos and what not.
The room was originally meant for Movie Nights where the community gathers to watch a movie/show together.
So I'm thinking we should put that into action.
We'll start out our first Movie night this weekend, Friday the 13th :) The theme will be spooky/horror.

Also, don't forget to vote on whether we should make this either a weekly thing or a monthly thing.
Hope to see you guys there! :D
Hi there!
It's the month of fireworks, bootlegged explosives, neighborhood fires, and FREEDOM!
And what better way to celebrate all this freedom than to swing a shiny glowstick in the air?
"Glowstick?" - You bet. But not just any shiny glowstick...a shiny glowstick that's 5 FEET LONG AND CAN CUT THROUGH ANYTHING! :eek:
Hey, everyone!
Summer's here and that means we're going to get busy with pushing out updates for the server!
We've implemented Hunger and the PotionBag last month, and now we're moving on to something that many of us have been anticipating...The Leveling System!

We are currently compiling a list of all the weapons and it would be nice to have some input from the community for what levels to restrict each item to.

If you want to help out, or just simply look at the list, here's the link to the documentation:
Levels/Item Restrictions Documentation

I'm very eager to get this to work and I hope you are, too! :D
Hello and welcome to our update thread!
As many of you know, Terraria has had a slew of updates recently!
We'll be updating Bippity's Server to the latest TShock for the new Terraria on the public server.

What does this mean?
This means that players will not be able to build during this whole update and upgrade process, but everyone is welcome to come chat and watch as your beloved server makes its way to a new level of fun for your pickaxes to tear at!

How long will this take?
We hope not to take longer than a week. We'll be doing a full reset, changing a couple of back-end things, and taking care to fully test a couple of new plugins we have developed just for you!

With sincerity from the staff here, thanks for being patient and a part of this awesome community.
We hope to see you around and online!
Feel free to ask us questions anywhere.
As it is no secret, I have recently returned to activity. As such, I'm still not 100% on the things that have changed, but oh well, here goes.

I have noticed some things have changed and caught my attention, such as player item limit to sell (at 10 items currently). For some of us older players, (L'Mond, I saw what you have in /ss) that have a lot of items to sell, this can be quite a hindrance. Therefore, I suggest a short command, like /donate (item) (qty), and it automatically goes to /ss at its NPC market price, but the funds when purchased go to whereever (a good way to envalue bipcoins, btw) account, or admin/staff account to be used to repair the world or other admin duties.

If needed, im happy to codemonkey this to see it a reality. Just sayin'

Also, have a dang BipBank3000. Seriously. We need that more than anything.

Community, thoughts?
So we're going to be placing level restrictions on items and we'd like to hear from the community

Ex: Anything from pre-hardmode goes at lvl 1-20 and below or anything that drops from Moon Lord is place at lvl 91-100

Keep in mind that the levels only go to 100 levels

And there might or might not be a reset
Hello there ladies and gentlemen,
Just a friendly reminder that this month is February and you know what that means...'tis the season of LOVE~
And what better way to share your love than to smash the heads in of zombies and conquer lands with a massive army? :)

Spread your love by vanquishing/destroying your enemies throughout the world! We'll be giving away a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.
To enter this giveaway, you must be a registered member with a minimum of 3 posts.

Show how much you love others by running around in a zombie infected resort island and beating the living crap out of hugging everyone to death! We'll be giving away a copy of Dead Island: GOTY Edition to donators.
To enter this giveaway, you must be a donator. (Donate via the "Get Ranks" tab)

I hope everyone will have a lovely month!
The giveaway ends on March 1st.
Good luck and spread the LOOVEEEEE~

*Not sure where to enter? Click the...