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Almost 3 months later, storytime

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Vaeldious, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Vaeldious

    Vaeldious The Wandering Prophet Former Staff

    Alright guise. So its been a minute since ive been here. And guess what? I'm nostalgic already. So I'm gonna wing it and give the old school and new school players a history lesson.

    What's bippity's server? IDK. Its ping was great though.
    Dallas to Carson City, shoulda been low latency. But, satellites n stuff. I was totally wrong about this server. But; it happens to be one of my most fruitful mistakes.

    You see, it all started on a mid-month night of July, of which I was researching random terraria servers. A friend very dear to me suggested the game a little while prior, and could only talk about how he couldnt defeat this "Wall of Flesh" thing. So, I pirated the game, tried it, got frustrated and resorted to memory editing. Didnt understand the mechanics or transistions of the game at the time, and even with my skillsets, still had trouble. Terraria is quite a unique game to compromise on a coding level, even hotkeys are complex.

    Couldnt get it though. Tried everything in my vast arsenal to overcome the game. So I finally clicked that button. You know the one, for multiplayer. First several servers I went to were simply out of my understanding. Free items, non-ssc....all meant nothing to me, except I knew I had hundreds of chests to look through and pick something out that looked cool or had a nice name.

    This is not how Terraria works.

    I come from a light-RP GTA server, of which I did my time, off and on over the last decade. I understand the administrative side, but not the gameplay logic....at least, not then. Needless to say, after a few weeks, I put in some serious clock hours, got to know the staff, and we actually got along. Staff members weren't cold, distant and pretending to be ignorant; like we always did on the GTA servers, cuz, you know...modders.

    Much to my surprise, I was elevated to Helper position. Thats when I started donating....not because I felt obligated, but simply felt it was the right thing to do and I have the finances to shoulder a portion of the responsibility. This "Bippity's Server" has been around a long while. I just recently got here. Means that all this time, the standard here has been maintained, and others have footed the bills.

    Alright, fine. So you wanna know the rundown? Heres how it went, to each player I've encountered, in no particular order:

    KingArty: Screw you. You sent me to hell. I had a glorious underground floating island. In your neveremeberance I'll rebuild your damn metroid that took up my sky. Also, dat packet loss tho.
    Gandalf: (not the other one, Pepe. No, this guy was a serious dick. Other than that, eh. You're kindof a good guy, just abrasive. Might wanna work on that.
    Havel: Kind.....ish. You were always there and ready to help, but there was always a unique attitude. Was never a "FFS, AGAIN?!?!" attitude, just a strong one. Combined with your compassion, you always impressed me as a new player.
    Yes: Loved hanging out underneath your UFO while you AFK'd with a dragon. Part of the reason I keep both items on me to this day. I'd like to think I've gained ground with compassion and forgiveness from listening to your perspective.
    Bippity: Or Boopity, either way...get your ass in game. Also, as our Dungeon Master (ye old school), you gotta make more appearances. We miss you, and do know your time is valuable....but you could just talk from IRC. Your tag shows who you are. Other than that, youve been an amazing leader. Never irate, just trying to fix problems. Well done.
    White: Well, ya know. Dont make me have another Wighting. I saw one once, and I think that was it. But, you do an awesome job supporting tshock, and our own little paradise. You're the faceman, so take the credit.
    L'Mond: You actually were my inspiration to be a helper. I mean, we've all got things going on in our lives, but you handle it like a champ. You do what you can, and that is respectible. Couple with your noble nature, you have great potential. Just a question of if your time allots for it.
    Alect: You've a bright future ahead of you. Arty sees it, and I do too, and without a doubt among others online and offline. Wherever you go, youll do just fine. Dont be so hard on yourself, and show me how to kill ML a couple more times.
    DiddlyDarnBob: You had such spirit! What happened? These are the kind of things linked with activity, not just hours played on steam, but continued (as best as possible) communication with the community. We miss you, brother.
    Noop: I don't hate Romanians and do you mind not griefing the hellbridge? Seriously, thats the second time youve done it now. You have nothing to prove, so quit acting like it. We accept you as a member of the community, so act like one instead of trying to get everyones approval. That being said, I still believe you have the potential to be an epic member of this community.
    Suchi Server: Well, youre just fun. Lets go kill some bosses XD
    Jerulor: Miss seeing you around in game. Always was a good time around you
    Solar Awe: Alright already, we get that you know how the game works. Be humble. But at the same time, youre pretty epic.
    P.S. Wads: I have no idea what you mean by that but OMG UR CRAZY BUILD SKILLZ. Serious, astounding builder right there.
    Destroyer of Titan: Yeah, IDK how that water got there either. But I'm gonna call you Titan. Always a favorable player.
    Chell: OK, so I gave P.S.Wads credit. But seriously, you are a master of pixels. It fathoms me how you freehand the stuff you do. Artisans are needed in this world and you are by far a rare breed to be able to focus so intent into detail and so rapidly changing to alter the overall image. I suggest you be elevated to staff to continue currently paused building projects.
    COPYRIGHT: I KNOW YOU LIEK TO TALK EN CAPS SO I BROUGHT SUM CAPS. Also, we like having your random personality here :) Glad you chose to hang with us.
    GGEmp: Sorry, but youll always be Good Game Electro-Magnetic Pulse to me. I'll always respect your clan, and promote it whenever I can, but I'm a Nomad. I wander where as needed.

    Beyond that is the fresh meat to the server, of which I still consider myself. Not going to name names, on the sole issue of non-inclusion, but you know who you are. We have a high turnover rate, I assume because we are Quality over Quantity. Could be wrong and I may have just never met you, or you got something going on IRL that takes precedence. If I didnt name you personally and youd like recognition, please feel free to respond.

    What I was getting at, is that ive been here for 3 months, almost to the day. I've been staff for almost 2/3'rd of that and been given a vantage unlike anything expected into this server.

    This is home. This is where I belong. This is where I will stay.

    I hope you choose the same path too, comes the words of an ex-outsider still looking in.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2016
    L'Mond, TechJeff966T, alect and 2 others like this.
  2. Bippity

    Bippity Professional Crastinator Staff Member Administrator

    Love this post.
    Thank you Vael, it means alot :D
  3. alect

    alect Well-Known Member Server Admin

    Manly tears incoming.
    I agree in most mentions you did. And i mostly agree on the fact you'll stay here, because i will also stay here till the world ends. :D

    (Now i was thinking it would be ridiculous if the world ends tomorrow, but since Donald Trump won, thats pretty possible)
  4. Havel

    Havel Well-Known Member Former Staff

    Are you suppressing me?! *triggered*
  5. Vaeldious

    Vaeldious The Wandering Prophet Former Staff

    Here's a thing that illustrates what I believe I am made of, as told by another game's cinematic:

    I am the horseman of death become. I am an agent of chaos. I am Imperius. I am Tyrael. I am Prometheus. I am the harbinger of truth and justice and willingly sacrifice self in naught martyrdom, but for the betterment of humankind. Therein lies the beauty of free will and choice. We are all cut from the same cloth. Perhaps this will give you a glimpse of the power I employ for key words that I use, such as Brazenly and Transgressions and their origins.

    @alect I know you of all people understand the point of this.

    Quite simply, I think; therefore I am.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2016
  6. Diddly Darn Bob

    Diddly Darn Bob Well-Known Member

    My spirit still exists. I've taken time off to relieve stress, learn patience, and enjoy reality.

    Thank you for your kind words, I'm happy to say I think I'll be coming back on more often.

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