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Weekly or Monthly Movie Nights?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bippity, Oct 10, 2017.


How often should we have Movie Nights?

  1. Weekly

  2. Monthly

Added to Calendar: 10-13-17
  1. Bippity

    Bippity Professional Crastinator Staff Member Administrator

    In the Discord server, I'm sure you guys have noticed how there's a #tv-room channel where many of us have been posting random videos and what not.
    The room was originally meant for Movie Nights where the community gathers to watch a movie/show together.
    So I'm thinking we should put that into action.
    We'll start out our first Movie night this weekend, Friday the 13th :) The theme will be spooky/horror.

    Also, don't forget to vote on whether we should make this either a weekly thing or a monthly thing.
    Hope to see you guys there! :D
  2. alect

    alect Well-Known Member Server Admin

    Oh crap, 3 sp00ky 5 m3
  3. untuned

    untuned Server Helper Helper

    I think it should be a monthly thing. Gives people time to decide a date that works for them, so more people can watch.
  4. cinmworldis#gennik

    cinmworldis#gennik New Member


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