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Resolved Sanpypr - Inventory editing


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Player's Name: Sanpypr
Reason for report: Inventory editing
Proof/Evidence of report: Players Inventory

Additional Information: Player gave himself purple solution, claims it was gifted....along with the rest of the nebula armor, last prism, and various other end game items. Asked the player to explain himself, but he immediately left the server.

Sanpypr has only been validated for a matter of hours. Checking IRC logs, looks like he also gave items freely to the following (although I dont think they were aware):

Additionally, he spammed chat using announcement box, and forged a "PLAYER has defeated the 9999999999th Lava Bat", seems to have been converting the jungle biome to a mushroom biome, and building a house over the tree near /warp left

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This is one of the reasons i want announcement box to get banned


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I would like to state that No2Milk was spawning unexpectedly fast, he was spawning nearly as soon as the message came up

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