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NPC Lounge suggestions/ideas for upcoming Beta server

Do you want an NPC lounge?

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What's a NPC Lounge?
>an NPC Lounge is a place where NPC's such as Guides, Goblin Tinkerers, Nurses, etc. reside. The purpose of such is for an organized location where you can find the NPC's without bothering the map or going to other player's houses. It's purpose also serves as an AFK zone if such substitution is needed, and as the name suggest, a Lounge, a place where players meet up before a start of adventure or a place for barter and trading.

Why a NPC Lounge?
>I find it quite annoying when NPC's are located farther from each other and some in protected houses which blocks the access of such and his/her utility functions. Also a lounge is quite nice for staying in once in a while when you are AFK like going to the restroom or such. Also it's stylish like what Bippy wanted and it promotes server popularity a bit, I think... plus I wanted to build one for the server.

Where's the NPC Lounge?
>The most safest and efficient location should be beside the lobby or spawn or somewhere in the middle of the map to provide the least travel time and to provide players an access to the NPC's when they just joined.

My Idea:
>A hobbit hole since the map has mounds and mountains. The special NPC's (Truffles, Pirate, etc.) will be relocated if wanted. A picture is provided below.

Note: this build is old so changes will come up if approved plus it's missing a space/room for a bar and a lounge. And no I won't copy it fully I'll add a few tweaks for access points and it's paint and surrounding foliage will vary on location of the build site. Also the furniture would be changed for vanity purposes.

Any Idea is welcome! Quack :V
Capture 2016-01-11 18_21_53.png


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My question is would you guys like it where the NPCs are separated by their difficulty of progression?

As in, the basic NPCs such as the guide, merchant, nurse, etc will be in one building/lounge, while the higher tier/late game NPCs will be in another room that can't be accessible until you get a certain item (ex: a grappling hook).


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Yas pleaz. Like to get to Mechanic and Clothier you need golden key.
I was thinking like a physical limitation (a super high/far platform only reachable by hooks/wings/boots), but I suppose that'd be cool to implement :)

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