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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Master-M, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Master-M

    Master-M Member

    Hi my name is Mike aka (Master-M) i am a friend of KingArtys and was staff for him for a long time. i was also a "tearbox" player. #GibbonsBestAdminEver #TeamGibbons #EvoWasLame
    Bippity likes this.
  2. Bippity

    Bippity Professional Crastinator Staff Member Administrator

    Hey there Master-M!
    I vaguely remember you from tearbox...:oops:
    But welcome to the community!!

  3. Master-M

    Master-M Member

    Hey Man dont worry tearbox was a long time ago ;( and once i got the roll carpenter i decided never to rank up again lel
  4. alect

    alect Well-Known Member Server Admin


    I almost got to the last rank in Tearbox...

    I keep lossing my plat coins every time i died and i did it often soo.... Yeah

    Welcome dude, nice to know you'll also be around. Am anAFK12.

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