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Making the Level Restrictions, help us out!


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Hey, everyone!
Summer's here and that means we're going to get busy with pushing out updates for the server!
We've implemented Hunger and the PotionBag last month, and now we're moving on to something that many of us have been anticipating...The Leveling System!

We are currently compiling a list of all the weapons and it would be nice to have some input from the community for what levels to restrict each item to.

If you want to help out, or just simply look at the list, here's the link to the documentation:
Levels/Item Restrictions Documentation

I'm very eager to get this to work and I hope you are, too! :D


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what if you make it so you can only use certain accecories too
That's definitely a good idea to consider!
@alect finished creating the 1st edition of the restriction list, now we need to work on implementing the whole thing into the server.
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Wouldn't this be obsolete as we're becoming a build server?

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