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Improving ServerShop


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As it is no secret, I have recently returned to activity. As such, I'm still not 100% on the things that have changed, but oh well, here goes.

I have noticed some things have changed and caught my attention, such as player item limit to sell (at 10 items currently). For some of us older players, (L'Mond, I saw what you have in /ss) that have a lot of items to sell, this can be quite a hindrance. Therefore, I suggest a short command, like /donate (item) (qty), and it automatically goes to /ss at its NPC market price, but the funds when purchased go to whereever (a good way to envalue bipcoins, btw) account, or admin/staff account to be used to repair the world or other admin duties.

If needed, im happy to codemonkey this to see it a reality. Just sayin'

Also, have a dang BipBank3000. Seriously. We need that more than anything.

Community, thoughts?
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Alect approves :D


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@Vaeldious I am glad you're back, brother! Also, I see how much you have in /ss and it puts me to shame :p I like the donation idea so if it comes to a vote, you got mine!

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