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Good News, Bad News - Ransomware Attack


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Hey everyone, I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that throughout this entire year, the staff and I have been quietly working on a new way of hosting the servers in the future. The plan is to have 4 servers: A Lobby/Tutorial server, a Build server, a Survival server, and a Housing server.
Players would be able to travel between each server through "warping", making it a seamless transition for the player; the only address you'll need to know is "play.bippityserver.com".
This also allows us to utilize multiple servers and portray it as one server, pretty much a "Multiworld" server.
The lobby/tutorial server is where every player will connect initially. New players can learn the basics with our previous tutorial world and then connect to either the Build server or Survival server.
We decided to remove "build tunnels" from the survival world and transform it into a Housing server. This allows the majority of the Survival server to be destroyable, allowing the entire world to regenerate instead of just a mineshaft/farm.
The Build server is exactly what it sounds like. It will not be SSC enabled, you can build whatever you'd like using our unlimited items from the Chestroom, participate in PvP/Boss battles, and just have fun in general without the survival aspect.
We hope to get these things out to the public sometime this summer!
We've also been working on a Leveling System that'll make things more interesting, giving players a common objective to work towards. Here's a small sneak peek:

Now for the bad news...
Unfortunately, this week our main dedicated server was hit by a ransomware attack. The majority of our data has been lost/corrupted. The incident has been contained and will hopefully not happen again, however, in order to ensure the virus is no longer an issue, the entire dedicated server had to be reinstalled. This means that all data has been wiped; we will have to rebuild the majority of the servers from scratch again. There will be a good amount of downtime as we rebuild, a rough estimate would be around 2 weeks to a month.

TL;DR: Our servers were attacked by a ransomware, losing alot of data. We've made a good amount of progress to make new servers but, it'll take some time to get it all up and running again.

On the bright side, this allows us to get a fresh start. Sometimes the best way to improve something is to start all over, and this looks like one of those times.
While the servers may be down, we're all still here on Discord and the forums. Now is a good time to suggest things that you've wanted to see on the server! ;)
I hope you're all as excited as I am with getting all these new features rolled out!
See you soon!
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In all honesty, I think the ransomware hitting is some-what of a good thing. A fresh start could really benefit the server to be honest, adding things such as a starting kit, maybe a "tutorial", etc.


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They say a restart shall not be seen as the bringer of a "what has been", but a "what could be". I'm sorry i couldn't help as much as i wanted for the last months, but i want you to know you still have my support in whatever you all do. I won't be fully able to help until June, 5


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If random people in the community can help - definitely reach out and I'll do anything I can.
We're always looking out for talented builders and members who show management skill :D

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