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-Freedom Giveaway- Star Wars: Jedi Academy

What game do you want to see us giveaway next?

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Hi there!
It's the month of fireworks, bootlegged explosives, neighborhood fires, and FREEDOM!
And what better way to celebrate all this freedom than to swing a shiny glowstick in the air?
"Glowstick?" - You bet. But not just any shiny glowstick...a shiny glowstick that's 5 FEET LONG AND CAN CUT THROUGH ANYTHING! :eek:

Learn the ways of swinging a SuperDangerousAndShinyGlowstickOfFreedom this month! We'll be giving away a copy of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
To enter this giveaway, you must be a member with a minimum of 3 forum posts.

The giveaway ends on August 1st.
Get your SuperDangerousAndShinyGlowstickOfFreedom now before it's too late! :D

*Not sure where to enter? Click the "Raffles" tab in the menu above

Obligatory Freedom video:


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