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Favorite Terraria Items

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KingArty, May 24, 2016.

  1. KingArty

    KingArty Member Former Staff

    With how many things that are in Terraria I can't really make a good decision on what my favorite items/things are in Terraria.

    But I DO like the Sniper Rifle, the Companion cube, and the new wiring system.

    What are your favorite things in Terraria?
  2. FGHIK

    FGHIK New Member

    Probably Portal Gun, for fun anyway. For practicality, the Terrarian + Yoyo bag is insane.
    Bippity likes this.
  3. JoshTheFriendlyGamer

    JoshTheFriendlyGamer Member

    My favorite item is the Keybrand, I know it's not a very good item, but it's simply because it's a reference to the game series known as Kingdom Hearts, and that is my favorite series of games, thus why I like the Keybrand the most!
    KingArty likes this.
  4. klenglon

    klenglon Member

    static hook, star wrath, the grand design...

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