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Adventure/Custom-Map Server is back!


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It's back!
We have revived our Adventure/Custom Map Terraria server from the dead and welcome you to check it out :)

A quick refresh of what the server's like:
  • SSC (Server Sided Characters) enabled
  • A port of popular custom maps
  • Rules are automated and easily followed (No need to worry about breaking any of the map's rules)
  • Special features (ServerShop, Customized loot drops, fun little surprises that you wouldn't find in the normal game)
[Click here to see the TServerWeb page]

Server Info:

IP Address: play.bippityserver.com
Port: 7778

Since it's been dead for so long, there are bound to be bugs/glitches. If you see one, please report them in our help section.
See you there! :D


Kinda Ironic that this announcement exists when the adv. Server is temp down for resources for the upcoming beta-server

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