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Sorry about that, I guess I owe you all an explanation :eek:

I decided to switch our database type from SQLite to MySQL, basically switching the server database from a local file to an online database server.
Unfortunately, I was unable to successfully export the existing database over to MySQL format, which resulted with everyone's existing user account to be removed.
The reason for this migration is so that the database can be more flexible; a good example is that we can now use the Ban Viewer. Players have been getting banned recently and I felt like it would be useful for them to see why they were banned.

For existing users, you'll need to re-register on the server, but you won't need to make another introduction to validate yourself. If you've already validated before, you should be able to see the Validation notice at the top of the page. (Follow this tutorial if you need help: Validating Your User Tutorial)
As for existing users who had special ranks, talk to a staff member to get it back :)

Once again, sorry for the confusion.

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