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Tutorial Using the new ServerShop, /ss, /bank, and BipCoins


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One of the cooler features of the server, is the ServerShop that recently received an overhaul. Here's an in-depth guide on how to use it!

Where to Find the ServerShop
From the forums > server related > trading section, you can search the entire marketplace from http://www.bippityserver.com/servershop/. Feel free to make a post in trading if there is a specific item you are looking for and can't find!

Searching for Trade Offers


The search feature allows you to find what you are looking for by full or partial item name (such as Life or Life Fruit), the seller's name, and by trade ID. You can also leave all the fields blank, to browse the entire Shop.
What are BipCoins?

The ServerShop's currency is called BipCoins, and they operate a little differently than the coins you obtain in-game. In-Game Coins that drop from enemies can be stored in a Piggy Bank or Safe, and they are what the NPCs use. BipCoins can be used to buy items from the ServerShop, pay other players, and custom commands such as /rollitem (this costs 5g BipCoins, and gives you a completely random item from all the items in Terraria). Upon dying, 25% of your total BipCoins will be lost. Any time a transaction occurs, the hud will appear on the right side of the screen.

You may have to close your mini-map with TAB to be able to read it.


How do I Check My Balance?

At any time, you can check your balance using the /bank bal command. To pay another player, you can use the /bank pay playerName amount.

For example, Diddly Darn Bob wants to sell some rainbow bricks to Alect. The total amount comes to 5 gold, 50 silver, and 25 copper. playerName is case-sensitive and must be enclosed in quotes if the player's name has whitespaces. Alect would type /bank pay "Diddly Darn Bob" 5g50s25c to send the money.


Now let's go over the /ss commands to access the ServerShop. You can access /ss from anywhere on the map.

The ServerShop is maintained by other players, and prices are manually set, to encourage a dynamic marketplace, and have friendly competition in selling items. The ServerShop has 5 commands for its different features: search, buy, sell, collect, and cancel.

Using /ss search Life Crystal will return the following error:


The proper usage would be to enclose Life Crystal in quotation marks.
You would use /ss search "Life Crystal" to find out how many there are available.

You may use hotlinked icons instead of name or ID number. Hotlinking is done with an open inventory and chat box, and holding the ALT key on your keyboard and left-clicking. You will notice your mouse turn into a magnifying glass.

You can substitute the name with item IDs, like /ss search 29, will show the following as well. Item IDs can be referenced at http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Item_IDs

NOTE: Items with the same name will be morphed to the lowest ID number. This only affects Treasure Bags and Strange Plants. Treasure Bags turn into the King Slime version, ID 3318. and Strange Plants turn into the Purple version, ID 3385.


Items are sold by the lowest price first. The player with the best price will always sell first.

If you wanted to buy 5 Life Crystals you would type /ss buy "Life Crystal" 5 for a total of 5g. You will receive an error message if you have insufficient funds.

Since the seller with 1 Life Crystal has the price at 7g50s ( 7 gold, 50 silver ), it won't sell until all the other lower priced Life Crystals have sold first. That seller could cancel their trade with /ss cancel 24, and the 1 Life Crystal would be returned to inventory. You will receive an error message if you are not the seller of the chosen item.

That seller could then relist their Life Crystal with /ss sell "Life Crystal" 99s99c to take first place on the list, and be the next Life Crystal to be sold.


Whenever you .login to the server, you will be notified if you have any transactions to collect.


There is no time limit to collect your BipCoins.

/ss collect has three modes. You can list, all, or trade ID.
/ss collect list will show the last 5 transactions.


If I wanted to only collect the money from the Master Bait, I would type /ss collect 579. If I wanted to collect all the money, I would type /ss collect all.

That's all there is to it! Have fun selling your loot, and using your BipCoins! If I missed anything, just let me know :)
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Very well laid out and explained!
A special thanks to you, personally, @Vaeldious for providing the majority of the items on SS at this time. Due to your hard work and dedication to the server, many players are able to advance in the game and gain certain items easier and faster than it would normally take!

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