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Closed Untuned's Helper Application

Should this player become a Helper?

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Server Helper
By submitting this application, I have read and understood all the requirements. The information I have given in this application is true and I understand that any fabricated information will disqualify my application.

Real Name: Call me James.
Character Name: Untuned
Age: 15
Location: United States
Time played on the server: Unable to check ;-;
Server Rank: Trusted Member

Why you should be a Helper:
I should be a helper, even though you don't see many people on often. I'm active enough to see if people need help, and I've played Terraria long enough to know how to fix problems players might have. Sure, you might not have many players on currently, but even still I can be online to assist new players, if any appear. They may not know how to correctly verify, so that's something they would ask for help with, and from my knowledge they need to verify to gain access to most of the rest of the server.

Qualifications and Experience:
I've run some of my own Terraria servers, to no luck on gaining players. I know how the default commands work, and I've been on this server to know what *public* plugins it uses, and how to use the custom plugins like the server shop.


Professional Crastinator
Staff member
You've been here for a long time, I haven't seen you cause any trouble. I'm surprised you're still here despite practically never being inside the server :p
But you've been pretty helpful with backend stuff, I was able to rely on you for a few things for the upcoming build server.
Soooooooooooooo let's give it a shot!
I vote yes :D


Well-Known Member
Server Admin
I approve


The Wandering Prophet
Former Staff
I give my approval. Pretty active in discord, and just a generally good person to be around.
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