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Closed SixShooter - Destruction of a structure


The Wandering Prophet
Former Staff
Player's Name: SixShooter
Reason for report: Destruction of a structure
Proof/Evidence of report: /history of tiles

Additional Information: This was a crimtane ore tunnel that stretches to a fishing hole between bt1 and close to /warp world. Given the distance and proximity to the mineshaft's candycane barrier, it was not protected. Seems he's a new player though, thus I don't recommend any kind of punishment, just a simple "heads-up" chat next time I happen to see him online, but I will need some help rolling the area back to pre-destruction state.


Professional Crastinator
Staff member
Sure thing, just make a /report so staff can teleport to it


Sorry for that. Because it is a survival server I was thinking that, if this crimtane is not protected, someone maybe was gone and left this tunnel... I just needed crimtane....
I'm sorry. I liked this server. I'm asking for indulgence.

Maybe next time put a warning sign for noobs like me :p I'm sorry...


The Wandering Prophet
Former Staff
No worries SixShooter. Feel free to keep the crimtane as well, I've still got a large stockpile to finish the construction anyway, and if you need more, just let me know. It was a partial project I was working on until the tshock version was ready, so there wasnt really a need to protect it.

No harm, no foul :)

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