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More Definition to Easy/Hard and Expert modes


The Wandering Prophet
Former Staff
Seeing as how IRC and the server is now cross-bridging from the survival server and the temporary build server, I would personally like to see more of a development of the different aspects. It'd be cool to have a couple servers active for survival, in different modes (easy-normal, hard-expert, or combos of the two that the same char can switch between). It's nice to promote the weekends as play time, but if everyone is as busy as they seem, perhaps having the user-choice in a specific region/section/world for the level of difficulty they want, may not be such a bad idea. I for one obviously support this idea. Time to find out from other players and those that handle our infrastructure.


Diddly Darn Bob

Well-Known Member
I like this idea! It could be for less professional, and newer player for the lower servers, and it could provide new people to help new people and it makes more servers so that all the space isn't taken up as quickly!
Plus there could just be a lowering on the amount of players allowed (If that exists.) so that Bippity doesn't have to pay more.
(I mean if money is even a problem I'm no professional in server running)


Drop Bear
Staff member
The biggest issue with this is server load - it takes a lot of power to run multiple terraria servers, so to have 2 (3?) survival servers + the dev server + the tutorial server may cause issues.
If there's enough community desire for this, it's definitely something we can look at doing


The Wandering Prophet
Former Staff
My simplistic point, is if I am donating a good chunk (if not all) of what it costs to run the server, shouldn't I have a majority vote in changing things? I get it takes power. but it just sucks waiting for the weekend to enjoy expert mode. Maybe it's just convenient for me, but I've seen other servers with a similar style, easymode on one side, hardmode on the other, and a separate port for expert mode. So its not a matter of "if" it can be done, its more a matter of if our playerbase supports such a thing. I usually drink a gallon of vodka over the weekend and end up missing expert mode.

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