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Tutorial IRC/Server Chat Tutorial


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*This tutorial is redundant as we have switched over to Discord. It will remain here, however, as a historical post*

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat" which is basically a protocol that transfers messages between a server and clients; in our case, we call it the "Server Chat". The "Server Chat" page can be found as one of the site tabs and allows you to chat with players inside the server without being inside the game.

To display your rank next to your IRC name inside the server, type: /query BipServer. This will open up a PM with the server's IRC bot (BipServer). From there, type: login yourServerUsername yourUsernamePassword(with no / or !). If you did it correctly, you will get a message saying that you have logged in. While this doesn't change anything much if you're not a staff member, it will look nicer for the players in-game rather than the default white text.
This can be done on any IRC client.

For those of you who visit the IRC/Server Chat page often, it is recommended for you to download an IRC client such as HexChat. You can visit its download page here:
The information you will need to join the IRC channel is displayed below:
  • IRC Network/Server: irc.rizon.net/6667
  • IRC Channel: #bippityserver
If you go on IRC often, it is also recommended for you to register your username by typing: /msg nickserv register "make a password" "your email".
You can then type: /msg nickserv identify "the password you made". This secures your username for the IRC.
HexChat offers auto-login/identification. To use this feature, go edit the IRC network and use the picture below as reference. For "Login Method", select NickServ(/MSG NickServ + password) and enter your password below.

Now, whenver you join the IRC network, HexChat will automatically identify you. (You will still need to manually do the above to display your rank in-game)

HexChat also offers chat logging and alerts when your name is mentioned. This can be useful if you wish to report a player for their behaviour in chat by having chat logs of what they said, or simply to be aware of when someone is talking to / about you. To access these settings, first have the client open. Then go to your Settings > Preferences > Logging, tick the box beside 'Enable logging of conversations to disk.'

For alerts: Settings > Preferences > Alerts, then customize it to your liking.

The rest is relatively straight forward.

*Credit to TurtleYo from CFSGaming for providing his tutorial in which I got most of the information from
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