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Introduction of Xiao.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by xIA0, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. xIA0

    xIA0 New Member

    Who Am I? My name is Xiao.
    What brings me to this realm and dimension? Just travelling to find some otherworldly treasure.
    What am I hoping to get from this community? Nothing, really.
    What name am I known as in this body? Still Xiao.
    How long have I been venturing? 6 years ago, I found this path in life. After a year of being there, a tribulation struck and I was sent to another plane for 3 years. Only after that did I return for 6 months until another tribulation struck and I only have returned a month ago.
    What's my favorite thing to do? Reading scrolls about the lives of heavenly cultivators.
    Have I been to any of your events? Nay, I have only seen this realm just an hour ago.
    What other realms do I frequent? The realms of various mobile games.
    Do I have any examples of work that I have done? Nay.
    Do I have a cool story to tell? Nay. I do recommend reading "The King's Avatar" though.
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