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Introducing the Credits/Shop System


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Hey everyone, I'm super excited to announce a new add-on for the forums:


The Credit/Shop System!

With this addition, users can earn credits by being generally interactive within the community and participating in events. Users can then spend their earned credits on prizes such as Games Codes, Forum Upgrades, and Server Upgrades. (You can even withdraw your credits into actual money :eek: )

How Do I Access the Credit/Shop?
If you're currently logged in, you might've noticed the "Wallet" tab in the top right corner. That is where the entire system takes place.

How Do I Earn Credits?
You will be notified whenever you earn credits. You can earn credits in different ways:
  • Be active in the community - This is the simplest way to earn credits. Creating posts, following users, and liking content all give you credits passively.

  • Participate in Events - We occasionally host events such as building contests. Credits may be given out as awards.

  • View Partnered Twitch Streamers - This is the quickest way to earn credits. Twitch streamers that we've partnered with can give out credits to their viewers. We are currently partnered with Juicesoarus (https://www.twitch.tv/juicesoarus) and he's an awesome streamer, go check him out! You can visit his server by executing /juice in any of our servers.

  • Purchase Credits - You can also just purchase credits directly from the site. We currently offer 5,000 credits for $5.00 USD

What Can I Do With Credits?

Credits can be used to redeem prizes or withdrawn into actual money (requires PayPal). The prizes can range from Forum Upgrades, like setting a custom title for your account, to redeeming Steam game codes. The possibilities are endless!

There may be some details that I left out in this announcement, so I urge you to find them out yourself! I hope you're as excited as I am about this new feature :D

See you around!

*Side note*: The first 10 members to reply to this thread will earn 500 credits ;)

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