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Happy 4th of July - Survival Server Now Open to Public Testing!


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Yup, it's been decided that the map/server is stable enough to be released to the public :)

Since we're still in the early stages of development, you will notice that a good amount of features are missing/incomplete. The server will be under constant development and whenever a feature is considered to be stable enough, we will add it to the server as soon as possible.

The main features that are missing right now are Automatic Rankings and the ServerShop. We'll be working on getting these out into production ASAP.
Whenever we add something, we will post the change in the Server Updates thread. Also, we're always open to suggestions so feel free to suggest things in the Suggestions/Requests thread.

Because the server is still in heavy development, there will be frequent resets, meaning that characters will be reset to default and quite possibly the world also. (sorry :()

We'd like to mention our amazing builders for the server. Without them, this would never have been possible, so thanks @Lynx @Beave @NogiChan @CubeGameMaster @GuitarSlayer !

Note to Existing Players
You will need to register & validate again, the validation link will appear below the menu bar so you won't need to re-introduce yourself again.

I hope you're as excited as I am, see you soon!

Also, to celebrate July 4th and the release of the server, we'll be giving away a copy of Terraria!
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what happened to the old server
Technically, the survival server is our old server.
The temporary build server we hosted is offline atm, but if we have resources to spare, we will host it again :)

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