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Tutorial Get FREE Games from TremorGames and support the community!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bippity, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Bippity

    Bippity Professional Crastinator Staff Member Administrator

    TremorGames is a legitimate site that offers free PC games, Steam items, and many other things by having people play games and completing simple online tasks such as completing offers/surveys. You can also trade in Steam items to receive Tremor Coins.

    Each time you complete an offer, you'll be rewarded a certain amount of Tremor Coins. Once you get enough Tremor Coins, you can spend it in the "Rewards Shop" for PC games and other cool things.

    [Click here to sign up and support our server!]

    By registering through the referral link above, %10 of the Tremor Coins you earn will also be sent to our Tremor Account. This helps us, and also YOU, by reducing costs to purchase games for the giveaway and also increasing the amount of games given away without spending more funds!

    More of our donations/funds can be spent on keeping our servers running and letting you all enjoy it to its fullest!

    So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get free games! :D

    How do I get Tremor Coins fast and receive free games?

    *After registering your account via the referral link above, you'll need to connect your Steam Account to your Tremor Account to receive rewards.
    • If you have an Android/iPhone, it would be recommended that you do the Mobile Apps offers. All you have to do is install free apps and you will be rewarded with a minimal of 100 Tremor Coins(you can delete the app after). It's pain free and guaranteed to not be a scam (Not that there are any). Just after a few hours, you'll have enough Tremor Coins to buy yourself a game!
    • Login everyday; Each day you login rewards you a login bonus.
    • Complete tasks: Try to find the tasks that reward you the most without being too complicated. You might get lucky and earn yourself a big fat reward!
    • Play games; while they don't offer as much Coins, you'll be rewarded for having fun and playing games! Cool right?
    • Save up your Coins for better rewards!
    *Do not trust those "TremorGames hack"!! All those videos you see on YouTube that tell you to download a hacking program are most likely going to give you a virus and hack your account!*

    Proof that the site is legitimate:
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  2. Yes

    Yes Well-Known Member Former Staff

    Is this still a thing? :O It could give me something to do in the bus lol...
  3. Bippity

    Bippity Professional Crastinator Staff Member Administrator

  4. PinchukPlay

    PinchukPlay New Member

    Thanks! Sorry my English.

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