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Favorite Game(s)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JoshTheFriendlyGamer, May 30, 2016.

  1. JoshTheFriendlyGamer

    JoshTheFriendlyGamer Member

    What is everybody's favorite game(s) that they have played before?
    Personally, My favorite has to be the Kingdom Hearts games, but if I had to choose a favorite from that series, I would pick either BBS(Birth By Sleep), or KH2 HD Final Remix (Part Of The Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Final Remix)/KH2(Kingdom Hearts 2)
    The reason why I would pick one BBS is because it really does have a ton of exclusive mechanics in it, and overall was definitely one of the best ones in the series so far.
    Now I would pick KH2 HD/KH2 is because it has a ton of new content, great graphics for when the actual non-remix came out, and in general, is just awesome!
    As much as I DO love the Kingdom Hearts series, I actually hate the game known as KH R:COM (Kingdom Hearts Rechain Of Memories), this is due to mostly the combat being a very bad system requiring cards to attack, and in general doesn't have the same feel as it's brothers/sisters (Don't Judge) in the Kingdom Hears Franchise.
    So there you go! Those are my favorite games, and what game in the series I hate as an added extra!
    So which game is your favorite, and perhaps why?
  2. klenglon

    klenglon Member

    i prefer terraria (WOW WHAT AN UNORIGINAL PERSON)
    Bippity likes this.

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