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Complete Server/Community Guidelines

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Things that will Get You in Trouble:


Harassing players in any fashion is not tolerated on our servers. This involves any form of desecration (Violent destruction/treatment) to structures inside the server that will cause grief or conflict to other players.
e.g: Blowing up a house.
The severity of a grief in-game can be categorized by the staff into three sections - each having a different severity of punishment:

  • Minor Griefing cases result in the player being warned or temporarily banned for a short time period. These cases usually involve a small area of griefing that is done unintentionally.

  • Moderate Griefing cases result in the player being temporarily banned for at least a week. These cases usually involve a large area of griefing that is done intentionally.

  • Major Griefing cases result in the player being permanently banned. Players will usually receive this penalty after being temporarily banned and neglecting their previous actions. These cases commonly involve a purposeful effort that was made to edit an area without permission.

-Hacking/Exploits/Modded Clients/Inventory Editing
We do not allow cheating/exploiting on our servers as it gives an unfair advantage to others and kills the fun for everyone else. It's no fun to kill fun. Players caught trying to kill fun will be permanently banned.

We do not allow advertising of other servers with the exception of our associated servers.
Spamming involves filling the chat with the repetition of irrelevant messages or excessively speaking with capital/punctuation letters. A player will usually be muted after being warned for spamming and then temporarily banned if the player attempts to evade the mute.

Rules regarding advertising on other servers.

-Additional Rules

  • Repeatedly breaking the rules will result in a more severe penalty.
  • If you believe a staff member is being abusive, report it in a PM. Do not call them abusive or attempt to criticize them.
  • Generally causing problems in the community, such as speaking in a derogatory manner, is not tolerated and will result with actions being taken.
  • Do not try to use loop holes to bypass established rules or punishments. If you do find one, contact the staff so that it may be addressed.

Staff Guidelines:
  • The objective as a staff member is to ensure an enjoyable environment/community by being helpful and resolving issues between players.
  • Be friendly to all players despite their attitude and actions; your job is to help them, not fight them.
  • The least severe action needed to resolve an issue is usually the best solution.
  • Abusing permissions will not be tolerated. Despite having authority, you are not above the rules.
  • Do not let your emotions cloud over your personal judgments.
  • You can have fun too!

Player Guidelines:
  • Respect all players and members of the community. No player is better than another, everyone is treated equally.
  • Despite your ranks, you are not above the rules, everyone must follow them.
  • Don't bother the staff about things that you can do on your own.
  • Staff members are not your servants. They are not here to give you items or spawn things. They are here to help you with problems and to ensure an enjoyable place.
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