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Basically a CV (but in elementary edition)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Martin Joshua, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Martin Joshua

    Martin Joshua New Member

    Who am i?
    Martin Joshua or Josh for short

    What brings me here?
    I want to meet other players through this server, and was recommended by my friends

    What am i hoping to get from the community?
    Someone to have a casual game with me and everyone

    My character's name?
    Basilisk Sleuth (through random name generator)

    How long have i been playing Terraria?
    About 8-9 months.

    What is my favorite thing to do?
    Pvp and building

    Have i been to any of Bippity's events?
    Sadly, no i haven't (it's my first time here)

    Other games i enjoy playing?
    Garry's Mod, SCP:SL, Overwatch and Mario Cart 8

    Do i have any examples of work that i have done and was amazing?
    Well, wouldn't really count it as amazing, but i have some knowledge of programming

    Do i have a cool story to tell?
    A more gross one and a mere coincidence

    Me and my friend (no name) was waiting for the bus to come. while sitting there, we were talking about how good we could predict someone's actions. My friend told me he could predict his mom was gonna pick him up (he did call her) and i told him that someone in a car was gonna pull up and puke at the sidewalk.

    After a couple of minutes, a gray car pulled up behind us, and a girl opened the side-front door and threw up. We were surprised and went to look if she just threw something wet or if it was vomit, but we never really got a confirmation.

    (Story happened in 6th grade of elementary school, so we weren't really the brightest)

    Bippity likes this.
  2. Bippity

    Bippity Professional Crastinator Staff Member Administrator

    That...uh...that's a neat story o_o
    Welcome to the community, Josh! :D

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