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/Back Command


New Member
Now yes, I know this a very, very, powerful command, but it could be balanced with to methods:

The command would simply cost 5-10s. This method would be very beginner friendly (especially those unfortunate few who play on Hardmode Expert).

Limit the amount of times it can be used in one day. Maybe normal players can use it 5 times and Helpers/Staff 10?

These are just some ideas to allow the /back command to be available and prevent beginners on Hard/Expert to pull their hair out.


Professional Crastinator
Staff member
Making it into a paid command isn't a bad idea...
The only problem I see with it right now is that we plan to implement gamemodes (PvP, CTF, etc) which the command would interfere with.
If there's a high demand for this feature to be added, we'll go ahead and include it :)

Black Mage

Well-Known Member
For the interferences, i propose that the command is disabled on theses places.
i'm thinking that of a great idea, because that moment when you die just in front of rare ores... Yeah i think you understood.

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