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Diddly Darn Bob

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So an idea.
If this isn't too hard.

So my idea is a fun little competition for the whole month of April.
People will sign up to be part of a whole month of trolling, but it isn't on their personal belongings.
So for the whole month of April, the players signed up will all have assigned boxes in bt2 (because let's admit everyone chooses bt1 for regular housing) and they have to basically live there. They will build their own house, they will get basic supplies, but the twist is, at the end of the month, a tally will be pulled, for the person with the most amount of pranks pulled. In order for the tally to be marked, they have to have some sort of proof of the prank and that they made it. The proof of pranks will be put into a subforum, and points will be counted up, and the winner can get something that is kind of like a pranking tool, like a whoopie cushion. So instead of people bringing stuff from their own box, they start with nothing but copper tools and wooden armor, they have to go mining in an area (.warp mineshaft is a nogo, they'll have their own specific area that starts at grass.), and at the end of April, everything restarts. Now this doesn't have to be only an April thing, it can happen on a scale of votes or something. But I think it'd be a cool idea to have some fun laughs and competition for a month!

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