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Recent content by Bippity

  1. Bippity

    How to disable avatar?

    Avatar? If you mean the question mark, that's the default picture
  2. Bippity

    I'll always have the most banned member record

    Been busy personally with school, hoping to work on this again soon ;)
  3. Bippity

    Hi, I'm Yami

    Hey Yami welcome to the community! Sorry for not getting to you earlier, been hanging out mainly in Discord. But OMG WOW LOOK AT THAT CUTE FLUFFY BELLY AWW SUCH A CUTE KITTY :eek:
  4. Bippity

    Dang I haven't been on here in some years

    Welcome back o/ Most of us are just hanging in Discord nowadays
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  6. Bippity

    Nurez Intro :D

    Welcome Nurez! Haha, that 100 sub was a welcomed surprise
  7. Bippity

    Basically a CV (but in elementary edition)

    That...uh...that's a neat story o_o Welcome to the community, Josh! :D
  8. Bippity

    The CataWolf's Gamer Intro

    Hey there CataWolf! Welcome to the community, hope to see you around! :D
  9. Bippity

    Open Reviving the server

    WOWOWOW IT'S KLENGLON! I personally haven't had much time to work on the server. We could definitely use the help in reviving it :)
  10. Bippity

    Server updates

    Feburary 18th, 2019 Disabled mobs from naturally spawning in the Build server Removed "Grass seeds" from the item ban list, non-validated players can use them now
  11. Bippity

    Popopz's boring Introduction

    @White WE GOT AN IMPOSTER! :eek: Welcome to the community man, hope you stay around for a long time :) Awesome story, "You can't lose a race if you keep running faster"
  12. Bippity

    Meet: AceTheBoss

    Hey how's it going Ace! Nice of you to join the community, I remember seeing you in Juice's stream :D
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    Sweet, welcome to the community WulfBeard!