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What is This?

The ServerShop lets you sell/buy items through other players. The currency used is a non-hackable server-sided currency called BipCoins.
The information provided is much more detailed than what is shown in-game.
Players will need to use this page to find their own offers.

How do I Use This?

  • Search for trade offers by entering the Item Name, Seller Name, and/or the TradeID in the search boxes.
  • Leave a search box blank to search for all elements of that category.
    e.g: Leaving Item Name blank will search for all items.
  • You can create/request trade offers in the Trading subforum with other players.
    Trading Subforum

Can't Find What You're Looking for?

  • Make sure your search parameters are typed correctly
  • You can search partially typed also.
    e.g: "grapp" will look for all elements that contain "grapp"
  • The item you are trying to find is not being sold by anyone
  • Ask for help in the forums if all else fails
Help & Support thread

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