We value our players

We're a community that was built with all players in mind and serves as an online semi-survival mode server, giving you a "Do whatever you want" feeling. What this means is that, whether you are completely new to Terraria or you've been playing ever since the game's release, nobody is left behind!

What makes us so special?

  • Server-Sided Characters

    What this means is that our server creates a Server Character for you. Everything you do on this server will stay only on this server, so even if you lose your old character on your computer, you'll stay the same when you revisit the server!

  • Protection and Security

    Pesky griefers will never get their way as we've taken protective measures to prevent your builds from being destroyed. Even if something does get damaged, we can easily revert the damage and ban the culprit immediately.

  • Chat from Anywhere

    If you have an internet connection, you can join our Server Chat and chat with players inside the server without being in-game!

  • An Awesome Team

    From trusted members to developers and server owners, we ensure that our staff members are experienced and qualified to help run the server. They'll always be friendly and make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Always Online

    Our servers are hosted 24/7 by a professional Game Service Provider located in Dallas, TX. We will only ever shutdown a server for maintenance. You can visit the Server Status page to view our server stats.

  • Always Improving

    We actively seek to progress into a better server based on your suggestions and comments. This way, we can tailor our server to meet beyond your expectations and offer you the best experience that we can. Take a look at our Server Updates to see how we are constantly improving!

Exclusive Features

We have many custom-made plugins offering features that you won't find on most servers.
Here's our top three:

ServerShop - Buying Life Crystals


Trading with players has never been easier. Simply sell or buy items with BipCoins!

Eating cooked fish to replenish hunger


What's a surival server without eating? Food serves a more meaningful purpose here!

Displaying player's PotionBag

Potion Bag

Store your potions in a virtual bag, leaving your inventory clutter free!

So what are you waiting for?

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