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  1. KingArty

    Closed L'Mond's Helper Application

    I've never had any issues with you that I can recall on the server, and every time I glance at the IRC you seem to never show anything that would make me question your application. I vote Yes.
  2. KingArty

    Approved Gandalf's Unban Request

    Being the banning staff, I will unban @Gandalf for taking the initiative to contact and talk with Vaeldious directly.
  3. KingArty

    Closed TearOfGrace's Helper Application

    Grace, you seem to be there for everyone else, and you have shown that quite a few times, while I have been on and off the server. However, much like @Yes said, there are a few things that you may need to work on. But, then again, that is what the staff ranks are for, to test what they would do...
  4. KingArty

    Abridged Anime Videos

    Best one-liners ever.
  5. KingArty

    Resolved Server bug of some sort

    Great :D It seems that the mob spawning issue has been resolved after the debugging and updating too.
  6. KingArty

    Resolved Server bug of some sort

    Currently, the fix for this bug eludes pretty much everyone as no one can login. We will all have to wait until Bippity returns to fix the issue. @Bippity , the issue may lie with a newly installed plugin, as the issue occurred after a server reboot at around 5:00 PM. Registering in-game...
  7. KingArty

    Favorite Terraria Items

    With how many things that are in Terraria I can't really make a good decision on what my favorite items/things are in Terraria. But I DO like the Sniper Rifle, the Companion cube, and the new wiring system. What are your favorite things in Terraria?
  8. KingArty


    We shall never forget their sacrifice....