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  1. Havel

    InsaneBF's Introduction

    Hey, welcome to the bippity server community Enjoy your stay
  2. Havel

    Level restrictions

    This will most likely be enforced after a reset
  3. Havel

    Closed Mikel's Unban Request

    Yar I think he be confessing he and ye friend be cheating in thar server
  4. Havel

    Level restrictions

    So we're going to be placing level restrictions on items and we'd like to hear from the community Ex: Anything from pre-hardmode goes at lvl 1-20 and below or anything that drops from Moon Lord is place at lvl 91-100 Keep in mind that the levels only go to 100 levels And there might or might...
  5. Havel

    Closed Mikel's Unban Request

    Then please explain why the fragments didn't appear in the logs. Also it is possible to login in with a modded client. And there are outside sources like an inventory editor that doesn't need to tamper with your terraria folder.
  6. Havel

    Drillex is new :(

    Hello, and welcome -Nebby
  7. Havel

    Resolved era - Inventory Editing

    I have taken care of the situation
  8. Havel


    Welcome good sir! Enjoy!
  9. Havel


    Hello and Welcome. Enjoy playing!
  10. Havel

    Protect world/town from Hardmode

    Wandering EYe, Pixie, Unicorn, Wyvern, GAstrodon, Harpy, Herpling, Crimslime, and that's about it
  11. Havel

    (Insert Clever Title Here)

    And my friends say I take anime too seriously
  12. Havel

    Is that Destiny? I like Destiny :P

    Is that Destiny? I like Destiny :P
  13. Havel

    Thanksgiving Break

    Mine has been decent, picked up a copy of Sun and Moon, been playing both
  14. Havel


    FFS....AGAIN?!?!?!? @Vaeldious
  15. Havel

    Almost 3 months later, storytime

    Are you suppressing me?! *triggered*
  16. Havel

    Minecraft rating

    0/10 0/5 Cannot stand it
  17. Havel

    Resolved Sanpypr - Inventory editing

    I would like to state that No2Milk was spawning unexpectedly fast, he was spawning nearly as soon as the message came up
  18. Havel

    More groups / More rank applications and forms

    All 3 of those already exist, The builder rank is awarded to people who help build on the dev world, Moderator is technically Helper in disguise, and Admn has existed
  19. Havel

    Your Bank Account is Corrupted!

  20. Havel

    Your Bank Account is Corrupted!

    Bip -.- it's been doing that to me for days now