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With a new world coming up, we also want to see some new buildings/creations made by the community. And so, to make a grand welcome to a new world, we will be hosting our July-August 2015 Building/Art Contest!!
There will be two categories to the contest: Buildings and Art

Players who participate in the building contest will build a structure from the list below. Each structure will be judged by its creativity and functionality. A winner will be chosen for each structure. The winner will receive a Builder rank and also a Donator upgrade on our forums. In addition to the prize, the winner's creation will be used in the new world!
List of Structures to be built:
  • Spawn -An enclosed place where players will first spawn in when they join the server.
  • Lobby -A building that inhabits all NPCs and offers a place for players to chill in.
    • *If it's in the sky, include a "teleporter" that players step on to warp to "/warp world". (The teleporter is cosmetic, it does not have to actually work)
  • Boss Arena -A preferably enclosed arena to fight bosses and nightly boss battles.
  • PvP Arena -An arena that is used for PvP, Team Deathmatches, or duels.
  • CTF/CTG Arena -An arena that is used for Capture the Flag/Gem
  • World/Main Building -A themed structure that welcomes players when they "/warp world". It...
As promised, we are giving away a copy of Terraria to celebrate the new 1.3 update and our new site! :D
To join it, just visit the "Raffles/Giveaways" thread right here and follow the instructions.

The giveaway starts today and ends next week on July 11th.
Good luck! :)
Hi, welcome to our new site!

If you came from our old site, it's nice to see you again and we hope you like our new look! :)
Before we get started, please give a round of applause to @White for diving into a sea of code to customize this forum's appearance into what it is now! :D
Now, with the 1.3 update coming out very soon, there are a lot of questions being asked...
- "When's the server coming back?"
- "Will the server be compatible for Terraria 1.3?"
- "Do I keep my stuff from the previous server?"
- "When is the giveaway and how do I participate?"
- "Where's my banana!? :mad:"

When is the server coming back and will it be 1.3 compatible?
Because we use TShock to moderate our server, the main/survival server will have to wait until the TShock team has updated their software to be compatible with Terraria 1.3. We will continue hosting our current TShock server with a new world while we wait. The new world that we are preparing will hopefully be ready by the end of this week, July 4th.
In addition to that server, we will also be hosting a temporary, public server for Terraria 1.3! Because it is vanilla, there's little that we can do to prevent griefing other than kicking/banning players. This vanilla server is hosted solely for the purpose of letting players enjoy the new update together. The server is now running on an...
Hi, it's great to have you here :)

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