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We're messing with some settings. Don't be alarmed if the site disappears for a bit!
We are now up and running a temporary build server!
All players will need to register their characters again as it's a completely separate server.

The original survival server has been moved over to port 7778.
Hi all, I'm here with an idea for an update for the server shop that I'd like some feedback on.

At this point in time, the server shop allows you to browse items and displays the exact price any item has been listed for, and who by.
You buy an item with /ss buy <name> [amount] [tradeid], with the amount and id being optional.

What I propose is the following:
The server shop page shows you the mean price for the item you search. (i.e., the average price between the lowest and highest prices - see below for a full example).

You buy an item with /ss buy <name> [amount] [% above/below mean].
If no % is specified, you attempt to buy for the mean price.

You sell an item with /ss sell <name> [amount] [% above/below mean].
If no % is specified, you sell for the mean price.

A worked example:
You are attempting to buy a Shackle.
The listed (mean) price is 10c
The shop actually contains 4 shackles:
1. Shackle @ 8c
2. Shackle @ 9c
3. Shackle @ 11c
4. Shackle @ 12c
You use /ss buy Shackle 1 10% - i.e., you attempt to buy 1 shackle at 10% MORE than the mean price, for a total of 11c.
You are sold item #3 because it matches your offer exactly.

Alternatively: You use /ss buy Shackle 1 -10% - i.e., you attempt to buy 1 shackle at 10% LESS than the mean price, for a total of 9c.
You are sold item #2 because it matches your offer exactly.

Alternatively: You use /ss buy Shackle 1 -50% - i.e., you attempt to buy 1 shackle at 50%...
Due to an unfortunate crash, the file storing everyone's BipCoins became corrupted and is currently unretrievable. All players will start out again with 5g.
Everything else should be unaffected.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
One of the cooler features of the server, is the ServerShop that recently received an overhaul. Here's an in-depth guide on how to use it!

Where to Find the ServerShop
From the forums > server related > trading section, you can search the entire marketplace from http://www.bippityserver.com/servershop/. Feel free to make a post in trading if there is a specific item you are looking for and can't find!

Searching for Trade Offers


The search feature allows you to find what you are looking for by full or partial item name (such as Life or Life Fruit), the seller's name, and by trade ID. You can also leave all the fields blank, to browse the entire Shop.
What are BipCoins?

The ServerShop's currency is called BipCoins, and they operate a little differently than the coins you obtain in-game. In-Game Coins that drop from enemies can be stored in a Piggy Bank or Safe, and they are what the NPCs use. BipCoins can be used to buy items from the ServerShop, pay other players, and custom commands such as /rollitem (this costs 5g BipCoins, and gives you a completely random item...
If we were to implement this plugin: CommandRecipes, what recipes would you like to see?
For example, to craft a dynamite, you'll need 10 bombs.

Of course, the recipes must be reasonable, nothing like 10 blocks of dirt = meowmere.
FYI: If the item suggested can already be crafted by default, it'll most likely not be implemented.

I'd love to see what the community can think of :)
It's the spooky month!

In addition to tricks and treats, we'll be giving away 2 spooky games this month.

The first game is Dead Space on Origin.
To enter this giveaway, you must be a registered member with a minimum of 3 posts.

The second game is Murdered: Soul Suspect.
To enter this giveaway, you must be a donator and above. (Donate via the "Get Ranks" tab)

The giveaway ends on November 2nd.
Good luck and Happy Halloween! :D

*Not sure where to enter? Click the "Raffles" tab in the menu above
Hey everyone!
This is completely unrelated to the servers, but it's definitely worth sharing. :p

This is Jack. No, he's not a celebrity. Yet.
Jack Xu, a personal friend and colleague of mine, is a college student at NYU (New York University) majoring in business. Recently, Jack and two other film students studying at FAMU (Florida A&M University) created a short film called "The Secret". The film was created under 72 hours and entered into the Zurich Film Festival's 72-hour film competition.
This is a huge achievement for Jack, considering the fact that he had no video editing experience prior to this summer.
If you have at least one minute to spare, take a moment to vote for their film. They would love all the support that you can give.
You can watch the film and vote for it here: http://72.zff.com/en/2016/1645/
You're able to log into their website via Facebook or Google, so it won't take long.

Be sure to share this to your friends and family, every vote counts!
Thanks for your support! :D

[>>Original Post<<]...
**We are currently hosting a temporary Build Server**
Re-Logic just came out with 1.3.3 (http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/pc-1-3-3-changelog.48916/)
As many of you already know, we'll need to patiently wait for the TShock team to update to the new version. So in the meantime, we'll be hosting a temporary vanilla build server so everyone can check out the new stuff together :)

*The original server is running on port 7776

Talk about or share things that you found in the new update here:
Last time the world reset it was more of a disappointment... this time we are hoping to make it more legit instead of having everyone abuse the server shop.

-Server shop re-vampt
1. The server shop will be coded differently now and will act differently than before.
2. The server shop will no longer be able to be abused.

-Character and World wipe
1. All those hard earned items will now be gone, but don't fret you'll be able to get them once again, but everyone will be on a equal playing field
2.By a world wipe I mean that all the builds that people built that are not on the dev world will be gone

Even though the world and character data will be resetting I am looking forward to playing right along side all of you and enjoying a wonderful time playing multiplayer Terraria instead of playing single player for a legit feel